Do not forget that if you are not sure of anything about any of my trips then please send an enquiry.



Below is a list of items that we suggest you bring along on your trip. However the end list of items depends on each individual but please bear in mind the weight limitations of your luggage and in particular take exceptional note of what you can and cannot take in Hand Luggage also taking note of the size of any Hand Luggage you are allowed to take.

The list regarding this in mind is as up to date as I can keep it and we suggest you check on the relevant airline website closer to departure for correct advice.

British Airways site is usually very good and most other operators use their information.

I will contact you if there are any alterations closer to our departure if possible.


Hand Luggage

At the moment only one piece of hand luggage is allowed on board any plane.

This should not be any larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and they are being very strict about this.

All items such as money, passport, camera equipment   needs to be in this one piece of hand luggage ( in other words you should not have any thing at all in your pockets).

Liquids, cosmetics, toiletries, gels or pastes (including food stuffs) and sharp items (including scissors and knives) are not allowed in hand luggage and should be in your main luggage.

Any electronic equipment such as mobile phones and camera gear should be able to be taken out of the hand luggage easily for individual x-ray so you may like to bear this in mind when you are packing your hand luggage.

Please note - Any tripod or monopod that you take should be carried in the main luggage not hand luggage


Food and drink will be available to purchase in the departure lounges and can be taken on board the plane.



Depending on which trip we are taking I will let you know what currency is necessary

Most credit cards are usually accepted at most places but do not let it out of your sight when paying for anything.

For security I keep a small amount of money in my pocket but keep my credit cards, other money and passport in a money belt or similar out of sight.

Be vigilant at all times especially in airports.

It is not always possible to exchange travel cheques so I do not take any.



Passport This should be valid for 6 months beyond the return date of the trip

Plane tickets

Vaccination certificates You cannot get into some countries without these make sure they are all up to date

Travel Insurance

Medication - Malaria tablets if required and any personal medication

Money including credit card

EHIC Card this may be useful when travelling through European countries

I always make copies of all the above documents and leave one copy at home and put one copy in my main luggage with the originals going in my hand luggage



Good walking or hiking boots Mine fit me like a glove and that is essential when we can be wearing them most of the day

Lightweight pair of everyday trainers or similar for travelling in and around the lodge 


 3 or 4 pairs of lightweight long trousers

 3 or 4 long sleeved lightweight shirts

 2 or 3 tee shirts

 1 or 2 pairs of shorts mostly for around the lodge

 Swimwear Towels are usually supplied at the lodges

 Rain mac or cagoule

 Do not forget glasses (for reading or other use) if you need them.

 Sunglasses are useful but a wide brimmed hat is just as good (or both if you have them).

 Warm clothing for travelling.


Other items


Basic first aid kit I always carry one but you are welcome to take one if you want


 Sun cream

 Mosquito repellent   Repellents with Deet in them, although very good, can destroy plastics in particular camera equipment - I use Prevent

 Small day pack for excursions

 Bottle or canteen to carry water on hikes

 Torch for early morning or night walks with spare batteries


 Camera/video equipment   including spare batteries and film/memory cards. Do not forget your battery charger and universal adapter as power is available at all sites 

 Notebook and pen



All costs of trips are based on a shared room with twin or double beds. If you are travelling alone and do not mind sharing I will pair you with someone of the same gender. 

If a single room is preferred or a suitable room-mate is not available a single supplement fee may be payable - Please see the costs for each trip.



Electricity is available at all of the lodges that we visit to be able to recharge any camera/video batteries. 

However some lodges do not have electric available at all times so I will let you know on each trip if this is the case.



All the lodges that we visit provide towels for personal hygiene and for use when swimming so it is not necessary to carry these bulky items with you in your luggage.



A laundry service is provided at some lodges.

There will be a charge for this service which is not included within the cost of the trip.



As we generally have people from different nationalities on our trips then most people prefer to arrange their own International Flights to the destination country. 

This does give you the opportunity to be able to negotiate the price and route to the destination yourselves

We are still able to organise flights from the UK to the Country of our trips but the cost may alter right up to the time of booking the actual flights.

If we organise your International Flights there will be a  £30 booking fee as we use agents to book our flights. 

The prices on our trips shows everything that is included within the trip and also shows an estimated flight cost to give you an idea of how much the whole trip will cost. 

Please ensure that we have given you confirmation of the trip dates, times and place to meet before you book your flights.



On some trips it is necessary to include some internal Flights within the countries that we are visiting.

The cost of these Flights are usually included within the cost of the trip so that the whole group is travelling together within those countries



Our customers come from all walks of life from gap year students to mature travellers as well as from different countries including Europe (UK, France, Germany, Holland etc) as well as from the USA. Many customers have travelled with me several times.

Everyone is going on the trip for similar reasons to see the Parrots and the Wildlife in their Natural Habitats to enjoy a truly unique experience.



The itinerary for the trip may change slightly due to weather or other things beyond our control but it should not alter your enjoyment of the trip in any way. We may alter the days around to try to do everything on our original itinerary to get the best out of what we may see.



All prices include transfers from the airport within the destination country, all transport including drivers within the destination country, all accommodation, all meals (unless otherwise stated), all drinks (tea, coffee and water), all local guides (mostly English speaking). 

Steve Brookes accompanies all these trips as an additional guide and trip leader to ensure the trip runs smoothly and makes sure everyone gets the best out of the trip.

NOT INCLUDED is the International flights, Travel insurance, visas, Items of a personal nature, souvenirs, alcoholic drinks, tips and Departure taxes.

Where internal flights are necessary within the country of the trip some will be  included with the trip but please check the itinerary

Some countries charge a Departure tax to leave the country - this is usually payable at the airport when leaving (for example Costa Rica is $26 per person|)



Deposits should be paid as soon as you have received a confirmation of booking (Please fill in the booking form first) - cost will vary depending on the length of trip.

Extra deposits per person may be required if you want to join any trip extensions, please see individual details on the relevant trip page.

International Flights will need to be paid for in full or purchased by yourselves separately.



The balance must be paid in full 90 days before departure date. A reminder will be sent.

The balance can be paid in instalments to suit yourself as long as it is paid in full by 90 days before departure date.



CHEQUE - Unfortunately I am only able to take cheques from UK bank accounts.

Please make cheque payable to:-


and send to address below:-

Okapi,   Rose Narrowboats,   Fosse Way,   Stretton under Fosse,   Rugby,   Warwickshire,   CV23 0PU,   ENGLAND

BANK TRANSFER - Please ask for details

CREDIT CARD - I am able to accept credit cards through a paypal account.  If you want to pay then send me an email with the amount and I will send an invoice. Unfortunately I am charged 3.4% to accept payments in this manner and I will add this to each invoice. Anyone paying from another country may have to pay other charges from their own bank and I suggest you enquire about any such possible extra charges.


All passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the trip.

Your passport must be carried with you at all times unless you are within the grounds of the lodge.

I photocopy my passport and leave a copy at home as well as copies in different parts of my luggage - this applies to all other documents including travel insurance etc.



Visas are not necessary for UK passport holders at the moment on any of my trips.

If this changes I will inform everyone on the trip.

Non-UK citizens (European and US citizens etc.) should seek advice from their own consulate.



Travel Insurance is essential for all these trips but is not included in the price of the trip.

A copy of your travel insurance will be required for my records nearer to the departure date.

I am now able to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance for any of the trips advertised on this website.





Doctors surgeries do not seem to have the wall charts, that they used to, with all the different requirements for the different countries as they are continuously changing.

However advice can be obtained from MASTA (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad)

Outline details are:-

About 2 months before travelling contact MASTA on 09068 224100 (charged at 60p/min calls last about 5 minutes) or fill in a form online.

They send you the report within 7 days.

You should then make an appointment with your own doctor (take the report with you) to have the relevant immunisations

These are only outline details. I suggest you get in touch with your own Doctor first to confirm what is required as soon as possible so as to be fully prepared

People travelling from countries other than the UK I recommend that you contact your own Doctor well in advance of travelling as some medication requires  starting prior to travelling.



There are generally lots of mosquitoes on most of our trips so anti-mosi spray and afterbite are recommended.

Anti-mosi spray with Deet in although very good can cause corrosive damage to plastics as on camera and video equipment so I use a non-deet brand.

I always carry a small well equipped first aid kit but you are welcome to take your own.

First aid as well as anti-venoms are available at all lodges.



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